July 15, 2012

Entering Simple Texts in HTML / XHTML


Just like using heading in our normal paragraphs, we can also use headings in HTML/XHTML also. Every heading always start and end in a new line. There are six ways to include a heading in your posts, where it is one smaller than the other and so on. Therefore, you have the chance to include sub-headings without any hesitations.

<h1>Largest heading.</h1>
<h2>Second largest heading.</h2>
<h3>Third largest heading.</h3>
<h4>Fourth largest heading.</h4>
<h5>Fifth largest heading.</h5>
<h6>Smallest heading.</h6>

The output for the above code is,


To include any new paragraph is much simpler too. Just like headings, it also start and end with in a new line.

<p>The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time.</p>
<p>The second symptom of the death of our dreams lies in our certainties. Because we don’t
 want to see life as a grand adventure, we begin to think of ourselves as wise and fair and
 correct in asking so little of life.</p>
<p>The third symptom of the passing of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunday afternoon,
 we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give.

The output is,

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