September 6, 2012

Basic List Types in HTML

Usually when we want to order some texts, we make a list. HTML gives the developer to use lists on a webpage, which later are useful to navigations in a webpage. There are three different types of lists and they are ordered lists, unordered lists and definition lists.

1.Ordered Lists


The ordered lists arrange lists in numerical values. They start with an <ol> tag, to denote its an ordered lists and inside lists are created using an <li> tags.

2.Unordered Lists


Unrdered lists just work like ordered lists, except that it doesn't work in numerical values but in bulletins.

3.Definition Lists

            <dd>You cannot take something out of nothing. When you write a book, use your 
            <dd>I write the book that wants to be written. Behind the first sentence is a 
             thread that takes you to the last.</dd>

It consists of the starting <dl> tag, which denotes a definiton list in a webpage. Then later, it is added by the definition term(<dt> tag) and a definition description(<dd> tag).

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